A shooting game


This little gif get inspired by the humungous mountains during my Tibet trip. I immediately imagined them to lava cakes with powdered sugar alluring me to lick and having a bit on them to taste their sweetness.


Completing my heaven exile, I continued my normal life with slippery banana for breakfast everyday. One day, I decided to play something cute and random with my close friend.

See~ it is smiling to you as how it does often.


A shooting game, Gif. 1403 x 1356

Months later, a plate of fried rice like GIF mixing with caramel pop corns,  chocolate lava cake, slingshot, monkey etc was created. All the unrelated materials were collaged and consistently showcased by a series of frames. Cows were flying, pop corns were exploding, girl wasn’t sparing a glance for the front even her bubble was explored.

The short film eventually expressed part of my dark side, showing that I was hit by storm and got all wet by the chocolate mud splash at the end. All those bright and happy elements end up in the contradicted mood of the movie simultaneously.


‘Take me somewhere nice’ from Mogwai, Scottish post-rock band, goes well with the film. The band typically composed lengthy guitar-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, melodic bass guitar lines and the heavy use of distortion and effect. The solo music form Les Revenants, 2014 is another album that you can’t miss.

Please take me to somewhere nice. thank you!


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One comment

  1. Spaceman

    Wow, your short film is impressive. While I am watching it, there is a song pop out In my mind- Let it Fall by Bittersweet.


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