Underground playground

An underground playground, which aims to provide the pass-by visitors with visual stimulation, has been built in an experimental and novel way.


Never stop exploring series by digital camera


Never stop exploring series by digital camera

Life is about discovery. Never stop exploring.

This is the mission of ‘The House of Elements- T.H.E’, a lifestyle concept store selling clothes, coffee and homeware located in Chengdu China.

T.H.E hopes to convey the ideas of curiosity and passion towards life to its customers. The girl in the photo above is acting like a missionary from the Mercury who has much passion for the unknown world. ‘Stay enthusiastic to the world, make your life extraordinary’ is the core message that T.H.E would like to deliver to its customers.


Exhibition area in T.H.E

In order to present the concept and value behind designers’ labels,  decorations at T.H.E retains simple and neat by using wood or marble with natural color. Decorations is a way to light up the merchandizes. Installations were created by daily objects to express feeling of intimacy.


Tetris wall, cotton plus wood frame, 50cm x 75cm


Zip wall, zippers plus wood frame, 50cm x 75cm , 25cmx 45cm

Sticking cotton and zippers on the wall share a new perspective towards normal objects.


Inspired by various hairstyle and styles of fringe, the blue and white lines turn to 3D shapes under the caves. Moving illusion will appear while looking at it.


Resting area at T.H.E

A withered tree, previously in a farm, has been relocated to the resting area in T.H.E. The withered tree is surrounded by glasses. The retrogression of the withered tree and the vibrancy of the leaves have constituted a stark contrast.


Love Japan by Kagari Yusuke

At last, an exhibition about shabby industrial buidlings was held. Kagari yusuke skillfully integrated the worn out pattern from walls into bags. Part of the bags are in rough surface that is the same texture with the real wall.

Hope you enjoy the exhibition!






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