My clipboard

Here I came to a place for several nights during my trip in TaiChung. It was a space for sleep, sharing and creating. Everyone lied in their own tent like mummy where you were not allowed to move freely with a limited space.


People used to draw what they liked and how they felt on those hugh french glasses around the common area. They created their own art pieces casually with paper chips, crayon paintings or imaginations.



I was inspired to compress all big memos into my little booklet after wrapping by all colorful clippings everyday. It became my mobile clipboard for my own use. I marked down my feelings for this city and sticked things I grabbed during my stroll. Neon plastic taps, oil paper, pin, strings, staples acted as vehicles to present my thoughts. The last one was drawn while closing my eyes listening to Sigar Ros at a late night.


Ameba growth; Random painting, Mixed media, 9.5cm x 14cm



Office pin board; Moving hands with Sigur Ros; Mixed media, 9.5cm x 14cm


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