Pokemon go 3.0

pokemon_go-f902e4e5ffcffb0dfac14894b2536e4bI am here to record an interesting phenomenon in 2016 which was Pokemon go, a VR game, taking worldwide by storm. Pokemon, started in 1996, is my favorite cartoon when I was young. Every characters carried their own characteristics and unique-skill for stadium battle, they grew into advanced creatures after evolution. It is wise to apply pokemon to a modern channel which make generation Z to get familiar with this classic cartoons.


Everyone is fascinated in catching Pokemons everywhere on roads, on mountains, at office, in playgrounds etc… to enrich their pokemon collection.


Fans grabbed their favorite items according to its GPS locations they found on map. It was fun that companies even initiated packages about offering vans and drinks for gangs to trace their targets.


I rode skater to search my water type pokemon. However, they always escaped when I arrive those spots.


After playing for a period of time, I recognized some of my friends look alike pokemon, getting the same thick lips as Magmar, owning the same sense of humors as Mr. mime, even me, I am poisonous due to constipation etc..


It is super fun to send them one- of – a-kind portraits as a new year gift, in which they can see how they are perceived by me. Within a second, I get the above feedback….

Surprised?! Happy new year! yeah~


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