A Spooky Christmas

img_5075-copyEveryone was in holiday mood having parties, eating big meals, tearing rose mary’s chicken legs during X’mas season. Melodious music played around the city. Behind secret cracks of the alleys, cockroaches started decorating themselves with trashes to act as various traditional characters in X’mas.

Cockroaches went for body check before dressing up to see if they were suitable for their roles, for example, the greener one become the elf in X’mas.

One of them turned to sparkling fly; one of them put on eyeballs as their new moving pattern; another one was pretending scorpion with shiny yellow curly tail. They are happily strolling everywhere.

img_5086-copyimg_5092-copyThey gathered in a playground to enjoy those colorful bear candies, which was the leftover of kids after party. Gong Gi, Chibi Maruko Chan’s father, was saving all those bear candies in transparent spaceman helmet for her daugther as faster as possible to avoid any loss.



Unfortunately, the hard work was failed after sudden attack of electric beetles. ahhhh.. Gong Gi was nearly fall with his semi plastic cover…

Winter leads people to think of X’ams though it has passed for a month. hahaha


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