I wonder how people did their collage art works during the old days without softwares support. Slicing and pasting and I ended up with those trys.

who lies ahead

What Lies Ahead

When you feel the future is gloomy, treasure your own glamour.

When you think you are weird, you are the limited edition in the world.



Starting from 1842, China was invaded by foreign countries from Japan to Eight- Nation Alliance. A blonde girl holding a gun in a smoke pose represented how foreign casually threw us artillery fires rain. Wars by wars in the following century, until in 1949, People’s Republic of China took over China but good days were still far away from Chinese. Since then, they went through tough 10 years under allotment system with scarce resources. No one could be differentiated by owning an extra lip gloss.


Shocked by $13.2!

One night, when mango people attempted to make a cup of yogurt dessert with Oreo topics, he found his mangos were stolen. $13.2 brought not only bought mango pack, but also an unexpected  horror night.


Dancing with your flower on the mars

Little prince said his rose is unique and irreplaceable because he raised it up, at the same time, rose domesticated him. All input connects lives in the universe. Thus, everyone is special in one’s eyes.



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