Fruit of my hair

IMG_8185 copyHave you ever thought of growing something on the top of your hair?!

I got this sudden thoughts after having a heap of permanent waves. Outstanding hair extension let people recongise me from far far away. Hair decorations do not limited to anything, thus, there are several things to grow.


McNuggets come first, as my Mc Donald’s hair should relate something to Mc Donald’s family. McNuggets will definitely be the favorite items for most of us.


With the same significant curve, Indomie Mi Goreng will be the second one. Fresh noodles grows from the root of my hair without being dyed in black yet.


Octopus massage machine is an indispensible tool to help my hair grow faster.


My messy hair can be one of the backyards for butterflies and bees.


Daily look with my hair while working. shhh..



Jumpy hair is going to say hi to you all. Be careful! Cheese inside my cheesy sasuage is going to explode.



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