My Spiral Case

snail room_frontsnail room topsnail room_back

Building my 3D room was a homework to myself two years ago. It is glad that I still keep it in mind and finally get it done with another purpose.

A tiny room was created to show my dreamy room in a free and easy environment. It was a little place where preserved for me after work, after being with friends, after all laughers or yelling etc… After all happenings in reality, I crawled back to my comfort shell enjoying my alone time without any external disruption.

While sketching this cabin cruiser, I found my own definition of JOY.

  • Feel free to make a choice. You always have a choice.
  • Stay curious and excited to your surroundings.
  • Feel pleased with what you already have.
  • Keep seeking room for life enrichment.

I am sure this is only the first chapter of JOY, I am still looking forward to my next.

snail room side singlesnail-room-top-side.jpgsnail room side


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